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Spielervorstellung – Nr. 7 – Dylan Reede

Am 11. Mai traf Dylan – unser neuer Wide Receiver – bei uns in Mödling ein.

location MÖDLING
date MAI 2021

Am 11. Mai traf in Mödling unser neuer Import Wide Receiver Dylan Reede aus den Niederlanden ein. Seinen Einstand gab er am 23. Mai beim Spiel gegen die Danube Dragons.

Reede wird meist als Slot Receiver eingesetzt, aber in diesem Spiel glänzte er unter anderem mit einem sehr schönen 32-Yard-Catch. Herzlich willkommen! Dylan hat mit 5 Jahren begonnen, Flagfootball bei den Lelystad Commanders zu spielen.

Weil er mit seinem Talent und seinen Leistungen auffiel, wurde er mit 12 Jahren ins Nachwuchsprogramm der Amsterdam Cruisaders geholt, wo er  in verschiedenen Altersklassen 4 nationale Meisterschaften gewann.

Dylan wurde zweimal von einem College in den USA eingeladen, beim zweiten Mal an die Purdue University, die ein Division-I-College ist. Beide Male konnte er nicht spielen, weil es unüberwindbare administrative Hürden gab. Jetzt nutzt er die Chance, seinen Sport auf hohem Niveau bei den Rangers Mödling zu spielen.

How old are you?

I was born in 1999, I’ll be 22 in July

Where are you from? What is special about your hometown

I am from Almere, which is close to Amsterdam. Almere is the Netherlands’ youngest city, it is only 25 years old. And it is the fastest growing city in the Netherlands. The people in Almere call their city “Little Amsterdam”.

What position are you playing with the Mödling Rangers?

I am a receiver. Most of the time I am playing as a slot receiver.

What is the crucial skill at your position?

The easy answer would be: speed. But I think, a good receiver needs a whole bundle of skills, and therefore the most important skill is dedication – you have to have the will to improve at every needed skill.

Dylan Reede 1

What Football skills are you best at?

I am a skilled route runner

Why are you playing American Football instead of any other sports?

American Football is a set of different sport skills, and a football team is a mix of very different athlete types. There is a job for every type of athlete. In American Football its all about the team. Even the best football players have a poor performance, if the team doesn’t work together.

Did you perform any other sports before or besides American Football?

I was in the junior national team for “Riesenslalom”. When I had to decide if I should spend serious effort in skiing or in football, I chose football.

Who is your favourite NFL player?

Adam Thielen, WR at the Minnesota Vikings. There is not a single skill, where he is the best in the leaugue, but he has the mentioned dedication.

What is your favorite NFL team and why?

My favorite team are the Green Bay Packers. I can’t say why. Actually, it was the first team that I knew, because the cover of my first Madden game showed Brett Favre from the Packers. And the first Super Bowl that I was allowed to watch as a small kid was won by the Green Bay Packers. They are my first love.

What was your greatest success in life?

After missing the chance to play Division I College Football for the second time I was quite depressed, and I wanted to quit playing football. But I got up again, and here I am! Besides that, I am proud to run a successful business, even in pandemic times.

I was the first non US citizen to be elected as MVP at the Boise State Football Camp.

Why did you choose Austria? Was it because of the country or because of the team?

I have been to Austria for business at some occasions – Austria is a beautiful country. To be honest: I came for the chance to play in the best national football league in Europe.

What do you want to learn about Austria? What do you want to see?

It is a pity, that exploring Austria is made difficult by the Covid situation. I want to know Vienna better, and I will use all the opportunities available. And I want to learn more about Austrian history.

What are your goals for the season (besides the championship of course)?

Again being honest: I don’t think that we will win the title this year. I hope to be appointed for some seasons, and I want to spread my competencies, so we will win the title in two or three years. There is a lot of talent in the Rangers team, but there are only three (!) players that have played AFL before this season. I am confident, that we are on the path to the Austrian title in three years, and I want to be part of that journey.

Who was the first person of the team you met?

It was QB Benni – he’s cool!

Anything else that you want to tell the Rangers community?

I am glad for the chance to be part of the Rangers community. I am happy to be a Ranger!

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